Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish

The Oldest Existing Parish in the Diocese

St. Mary’s Church is located in Lyndon Station, WI. It is known as the Upper Cathedral of the dells. It was built by hundreds of Irish immigrants in 1899, and dedicated on May 8th 1900. St. Mary’s parish began in 1853 as St. Bridget’s Catholic Church. St. Bridget’s was formed in 1853 and was located at the present day St. Mary’s Cemetery; west of Lyndon Station on Highway J. St. Mary’s is the oldest parish in the Diocese of LaCrosse.

We are located just north of the Wisconsin Dells on Interstate 90/94, exit 79.
In the Lyndon Station area, 153 families currently call St. Mary’s their home parish.


Whether you’re visiting Lyndon Station, passing through or planning to move here, we welcome you!


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✝ Marion Walsh
By: Jim & Judy Hall

† Tony Jurkowski
By: Lynn Novak

✝ Maria Brady
By: Dethloff Family

✝ John Hall
By: Hall Family

✝ Edward & Lidia Miszczyszyn
By: George Miszczyszyn

✝ Eddie & Marion Walsh
By: Family
✝ Parishioner Mass

Upcoming Events

Solemnity of the
Immaculate Conception

Holy Day of Obligation
December 8th 7:00 p.m.

Land of Peace
Selling religious articles from Holy Land
December 9th & 10th after Masses

Finance Council Meeting
December 21st
6:30 p.m.

Advent Penance Service
with Adoration, Confessions, & Benediction
December 13th 6:00-7:15 pm

Decorating the Church
for Christmas

December 21st 6:30 p.m.



The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Holyday of Obligation. Mass at St. Mary’s is at 7:00 pm

Prayer Chain Assignments This Week

December 4 Pete & Linda Lochner, December 5 Angela Locken, December 6 Garrett & Dominique Madland, December 7 Troy & Sandy Madland, December 8 Mary Claire Marshall

December Birthdays

Daniel Kohne, Rachel Dombrowski, Jeanette Crowley, James Walsh, Carl Miller, Linda Nate, Tony Oldigs, Kathy Bermeo, Kevin Heimerl, Carol Cauley, Craig Finucan, Micah Grigsby, Brandon Werla, Julieanna Bermeo, Chloe Walsh-Laehn, Victoria Hamus, Chelsea Thompson, Eloise Erickson, Alexander Moore, Camilla Moore

St. Mary’s Prayer List

Vinnie Bellock, Braun Family, Joan Burch, Rick Bornemeier, Mary Jean Cauley, Chris DeLange, Fr. Clayton Elmhorst, Jim & Adela Hagen, Chuck Huber, Roseanne Kenneth, Gloria Kramer, Noah, Mary Claire Marshall, Lizzie Mitchell, Pat Mitchell, Tony Oldigs, Karen Patton, Charlotte Rybicki, Marie Senzig, Preston Shields, MV, those who are sick, unemployed, in need, and all families who are suffering in any way; from illness, cancer, uncertainty, and anxieties; Families and Friends, please… PRAY THE ROSARY!

Christmas Brunch

Next Sunday, December 3rd in the church basement following the 9am Mass.is welcome- please try to join us! Santa will be making an appearance with goodies!!You will find the sign-up sheet in the back of church for food and attendance. If you have any questions, please call Linda Lochner at 847-867-4941. If you’re unable to come to the Christmas Brunch, you can pick up your family’s gift from St. Mary’s, the book Beautiful Eucharist, in the vestibule available next weekend, Dec. 10th.

Land of Peace Mission

Next week, our brothers and sisters representing the Land of Peace mission- a nonprofit organization will be with us speaking about the Christian situation in the Holy Land and selling Crucifixes, religious art work, and rosaries- all made of olive wood which is native to Israel and Bethlehem. Since tourism has greatly depleted, Christian families in the holy land, who depend on tourists, have been greatly affected. The goal of this mission is to help the poor and needy families in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Sale of these goods will help them very much and also give you the opportunity to have “something” authentic from the holy land. Please browse and buy some articles. It is for a good cause and also a help to your personal devotion.

Raffle Tickets

for Knights of Columbus are available to purchase after weekend Mass. See Ted Czajkowski or Tony Oldigs

Christmas Memorial Poinsettias

Christmas will be here very soon. If you would like to donate to the flowers in memory or honor of someone, we are now taking donations. Be sure to have your donation into the parish office by December 17th. This will give the office time to compile the list of donors and get it in the Christmas Bulletin.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry

will have a Christmas potluck Saturday, December 9th at Sacred Heart parish house starting at 10:00. The parish house is on Willow St. in Reedsburg. Bring a dish to pass along with your shawl you’re working on.

December-January Ministry Schedule

Please pick up the new lector workbook in the sacristy. THANK YOU for volunteering to proclaim God’s word at Mass!


that were displayed in the church for the month of November will be available for family members to take after Masses in the sacristy next weekend (Dec. 2-3)

2024 Calendars

and offertory envelopes will be available to pick up starting next weekend December 2-3.


Tuesday 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 6:00 p.m.


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.


12:35 p.m.
Saturday 6:35 p.m.
Sunday 8:35 a.m.

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