Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish

The Oldest Parish in the Diocese

St. Mary’s Church is located in Lyndon Station, WI. It is known as the Upper Cathedral of the dells. It was built by hundreds of Irish immigrants in 1899, and dedicated on May 8th 1900. St. Mary’s parish began in 1853 as St. Bridget’s Catholic Church. St. Bridget’s was formed in 1853 and was located at the present day St. Mary’s Cemetery; west of Lyndon Station on Highway J. St. Mary’s is the oldest parish in the Diocese of LaCrosse.

We are located just north of the Wisconsin Dells on Interstate 90/94, exit 79.
In the Lyndon Station area, 153 families currently call St. Mary’s their home parish.
On March 1, 2017 our parish welcomed our Pastor Father Clayton Elmhorst to St. Mary’s.


Whether you’re visiting Lyndon Station, passing through or planning to move here, we welcome you!

Come Visit us This Weekend


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✝ Yvonne Feldman
By: Lee & Mary Feldman
† Jerry Borchers
By: Jim & Judy Hall
✝ Carol Ryczek
By: Lee & Mary Feldman
✝ Paige Sauter
By: Angela Dziewior
✝ Anira Morrison
By: Ken & MaryJo Engevold
✝ Miroslav Stefanek,
By: Bonnie Stefanek

✝ The Parishioners Mass

Upcoming Events

Confirmation Holy Hour
July 7th
7:00 p.m.

St. Mary’s Confirmation
July 9th
7:00 p.m.

Parish Finance Council
August 11th
6:30 p.m.

Parish Pastoral Council
September 8th
6:30 p.m.



The Importance of St. Joseph

St. Joseph protected the Holy Family & we can trust ourselves & nation to St. Joseph at a time when examples of fatherhood and husbandry are so needed.We can ask him to help strengthen our families – as well as the bonds of our “parish family” during a time of hardship. St. Joseph Pray for us!

Pray for our Confirmandi!

Confirmation’s this week! Adoration night is scheduled for Tuesday July 7th at 7 pm. Confirmation night is July 9th, Thursday at 6:30 pm, at St. Mary’s. Folks, please pray for our youth: Erin Cauley, Corrin Henry, Noah Kratochvil, Tyler Locken, Meghan Mendez, and Easton Neve. May God’s blessings be upon these youth as they prepare for the beginning of their spiritual journey: each becoming fulling initiated into the Catholic Church. May the Spirit be with them!

Wow, Way Too Many Leftovers! LOL

Fr. Clayton’s request for leftovers, has now led him to be, “over-eating.” His freezer’s full, his fridge won’t shut and he has more containers then his cupboards can handle. If you’d like to still help fatten up father, Please inquire to the office and we can set up a monthly schedule. Father doesn’t want the love to stop, he just needs time to eat it all. He’s overwhelmed with such support and tearfully thankful; AND his waistline has improved! Stay tuned for more info, soon we’ll setup a monthly-bi-weekly schedule, so everyone can take a turn feeding Fr. Clayton. TY!

Please keep these families in your prayers.

Mildred Blank, Jim & Adela Hagen, Elizabeth Hall, Gloria Kramer, Helen & Andy Kwit, Mary Claire Marshall, Courtney Miller, Lucille Ryczek, Leo Schneider, George & Geri Smith, Rosalee Verette, Charlotte Rybicki, Danny Elmhorst, & Fr. Clayton.

Help Needed Getting Security!

Fr. Clayton is looking for donors and helpers with our future security system. Our I.T. tech is beginning installation this week. Reason being, after several incidents on church grounds, it was a no-brainer that we move forward on it. After 2 years of planning, it’s time to protect what we love. We’re hoping folks can help and be included. We’ve received several donations privately. If you’d like to help please contact father, via email or phone for more information. These improvements will help protect our Church, Rectory and parish grounds. TY for your Support!!

Greetings Family and Friends of St. Mary’s,

At this time with the ever evolving pandemic of Covid-19, I am posting these following recommendations and best practices for St. Mary’s Parish. I urge everyone to

*PLEASE STAY HOME so that you protect yourself, your family, neighbors and friends. As of March 24th, 2020, St. Mary’s Church will still be open during posted business hours. We will also post updates via our Facebook page and the church entrances. As of now the church building will be open Tuesday – Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Please follow the guidelines provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/outbreaks/index.htm.

Please practice social distancing at all times and be good stewards of everyone’s health. Practice good hand washing and sanitizing, and above all respect the, ‘no more then 10 people’ in the Church building.

We will get through this,

Fr. Clayton