Our Mission

St. Mary’s parish is dedicated to providing the pastoral care of the Kildare and Lyndon Station area. Founded by Irish immigrants 165 years ago, St. Mary’s mission is to provide the spiritual welfare of both those passing through and those who call St. Mary’s home.

We take care of everyone and offer a great spiritual experience at Mass. We serve the needs of the larger surrounding community, fostering hope and charity for all peoples. We offer healing, guidance and spiritual care. We seek to reach out, teach and evangelize those who are in need.

This is our mission and the saving mission of Christ. St. Mary’s is a beacon of light, a refuge for people and a home for all who seek God.

Parochial Administrator

Fr. Cryton Outschoorn
Deacon Tom Hale


Rochelle Crowley

Pastoral Council

Jim Cauley (Chair)
Jeanette Crowley (Secretary)
Jerome Senzig
Joan Holig McCormick
Thaddeus Czajkowski

Finance Council

Sheri Guyse (Chair)
Vicki McGowan (Secretary)
Tanya Walsh-Lahen
Mick McCormick

Sacred Worship Committee

Larry Mueller
Sheri Guyse
Brian Fox
Dennis Franek
Linda Lochner
Jade Pusel

Cemetery Committee

Jim McGowan Jr.
Matt McGowan
Dennis Franek
Rodney Senzig

Buildings & Grounds Committee

John Pody
Dennis Franek
Jerome Senzig
Pat Mitchell
Dick Domke
Jim Crowley

CCD Classes

If you have questions about the CCD program, please contact our CCD Coordinator, Sandy Madland, at:
(608) 393-2515