Ministries are still postponed until further notice. Again, stay tuned for next month. TY

Fr. Clayton’s in need, again..

St. Mary’s still needs 2 more money counters; to help with Tuesday mornings. We had a few new persons, but circumstance happened and we’re in need again. If you’d like to help, or could give an 1 hour every 3-4 weeks. Please contact Sheri Guyse for more details. She’d be happy to explain how it works. You can call her cell @ 1-608-547-2255. Secondly, the office is creating a list of folks, who’d like to help keep Fr. Clayton healthy. He’s out of leftovers, (it took a while) but he’s ready for round two. If you’d like to contribute please contact either him or the office, for more information.

Please keep these families in your prayers.

Mildred Blank, Vinnie Bellock, Jim & Adela Hagen, Elizabeth Hall, Gloria Kramer, Helen & Andy Kwit, Mary Claire Marshall, Courtney Miller, Tony Oldigs, Lucille Ryczek, Charlotte Rybicki, Leo Schneider, George & Geri Smith, Rosalee Verette, William Zenk, & all the families who are suffering from CoVid-19.

Have you ever thought about being a Catechist?

Friends, we’re in need of new Catechism teachers for the St. Mary’ Religious Ed program. I’m praying for a new teacher to help with our 1-2nd grade religion class. We’re also in need of an extra substitute just in case of emergencies. If you feel called to teach, do more and/or want to help, please contact Fr. Clayton or Sandy Madland for more details. It’s a wonderful gift to help teach the church’s young faithful. Please pray & ask God for the grace to send us new Catechists. The work of those in the vineyard; will never outweigh the reward that awaits those who teach the way…

Becoming a member of Christ’s Church

First class is September 20th! RCIA will meet most Sunday’s after the 9 am Mass, (subject to change). We have two members of the faithful that have already signed up. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Church, please ask Fr. Clayton for more info. The RCIA process is a long standing form of initiation. In order for one to confirm their faith in Christ, one must complete the rite of confirmation. It’s always been from the beginning, how one enters the Church. Please consider joining the faith through the RCIA process.

To the Ladies Sodality, THANK YOU, Again!

A big thank you, to all the ladies and members of the Altar Sodality: thanks for supporting our parish and community. Last month, we received a check from the Ladies sodality for the Floor project; from the success of this year’s St. Mary’s Ham Dinner, they’ve generated and donated $7000.00 for parish upkeep and maintenance. TY!

Know someone who needs a little Help?

Folks, if you know someone who’s in need, unemployed, has low income, or is experiencing a hardship, please reach out & invite them to contact Fr. Clayton. It’s August, and Fr. Clayton’s opening an enrolment phase for the St. Mary’s voucher program. If you know someone who’s in need of help, have them contact St. Mary’s office or email Fr. Clayton.