stained glass

Stained Glass Windows Restoration Project

Our windows are beginning to show their age. There are many areas where the leading is worn or missing and glass is loose or damaged. Therefore, it is important to take care of them now before any further damage occurs. We have contracted with Vander Hoff Studios from Melrose, WI to restore the eleven largest stained glass windows in our church.

Project Details

  • This project has started but will take several months.
  • Each window with be removed, repaired, releaded, replaced and covered with an outer protective storm covering (1/4” clear plate glass).
  • The outer storm covering will be put into place before the window is removed (and a layer of semi-transparent insulation will cover the window opening until the window is replaced).
  • As each window is completed and re-installed, the next window will be removed to be worked on.

We are asking for your help to cover the cost of this project. The cost of reworking these eleven windows with be $120,000.00. The cost of the outer storm coverings will be an additional $40,000.00. Please take time to look over the Pledge Form and pledge to help the church in one of the following ways:

* Pledge to cover the entire cost of reworking a window (this can be a pledge from your family, a group of families or a group of friends). If you (or your group) pledge the cost of an entire window, an acknowledgement plaque will be placed near that window when the project is complete.
* Pledge any amount and it will be put toward those windows that we do not have a sponsor for. All pledges will be acknowledged.
* Pledges may be paid over 3 years.
* All donations are tax deductible.

As you take a look at our windows, you will note that many of the names on the windows are relatives or family friends. Please help preserve our church heritage by pledging to support this project.

In ancient churches, Stained glass windows were the first public ‘picture books’ of the Bible. As far back as 350 A.D., stained glass windows in churches served a catechetical purpose by visually telling Biblical stories about God, spirituality, mortality and humanity. As the art form and architecture evolved, windows became more prominent in the great cathedrals of Europe and today are still used in churches of all sizes and denominations throughout the world – still serving that catechetical role of spreading the good news of our salvation through art.

As of May 21, 2017

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